The four BIM projects BIMcert, BIMplement, Net-UBIEP and BIMEET are collaborating under the title BIMalliance to explore areas of mutual opportunity and increase the erergy efficiency and to minimise the energy footprint in construction.

Focus of work

  • Energy targets, energy savings - Energy week presentation
  • Dissemination and communication
  • Accreditation and certification - utilize databases
  • Exploitation
  • Future Collaborative opportunities

1. Energy targets, energy savings: To determine the position of BIM in European Energy and Climate Roadmaps beyond 2020; to explore fields of coordination and support actions, research and innovation, as well as potential funding sources for the activities,

2. Dissemination and communication: Establishing a common communication and collaboration platform of the 4 projects (e.g., linking their web pages; sharing information about the Alliance common work, organisation of joint events, etc.), in order to provide better informing and multiple use of individual projects' stakeholders and followers.

3. Accreditation and certification: To initiate a common pan-European recognized certification scheme of BIM and EE skills in AEC industry (buildingSMART option to be considered)

4. Exploitation of results: To prepare and distribute a survey via the common platform / united web pages / for assessment of the progress on BIM maturity and acceptance, as a result of the activities of the 4 projects; to develop a common report with guidelines for future actions.

BIMalliance projects: