BIMEET External Expert Advisory Board

BIMEET expert panel involves key actors and professionals across Europe with a BIM-based energy efficiency capability. Communication with expert panel members will take place at different stages of the project with two targeted workshops.


Workshop 1

On Tuesday 6th of February 2018, 16 external participants from all over Europe attended a workshop in Brussels, Belgium to discuss about BIM and energy efficiency.

bimeet EEAB intruduction


Workshop 2

 On Tuesday 26th, November, 2019 in Brussels.

Deliverables (summaries and conclutions)

On Tuesday 26th of November 2019, 9 external experts participated the workshop in Brussels, to give feedback on the result of BIMEET project.


eLearning development

Geographical coverage of the BIMEET EEAB, External Expert Advisory Board

Group work during the second Expert Panel meeting.

Presentations of the key BIMEET outcomes to expert panel members.